20th March 2022

Best In Show Judge : Mr Ray Morland


Best In Show 

Philoma American in Paris

(Gaint Schnauzer)


Reserve Best In Show

Sophtspot La De Da At Belsmard


Best Puppy In Show 

Vanmore My Kind Of Guy At Castleon

(Great Dane)


Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Ettology Bounteous Barney

(English Toy Terrier)

Best Veteran In Show 

CH/ BER CH Ulmarra Tropicl Ice At Winton VW


Working Group

Philoma American In Paris

(Gaint Schanuzer)


Working Puppy Group 

Vanmore My Kind Of A Guy At Castleon

(Great Dane)


Pastoral Group and Pastoral Puppy Group 

Irisaddition She's All That With Birdus

(Bearded Collie)


Pastoral Veteran Group

Tonkory I'll Be There For Nashdom

(Border Collie)


Gundog Group

Riverbrue Wonderwall At Hernwood

(Irish Setter)


Gundog Puppy Group

Tonara Moon Walk

(Golden Retriever)


Gundog Veteran Group

Tonara Rio Grande JW ShCm

(Golden Retriever)


Hound Group

Quantas-Napoca Olaf 

(Basset Hound)


Hound Puppy Group

Delandmar Ella Ftzgerald

(Dchshund Min Smooth - Haired)


Hound Veteran Group

CH/ BER CH Ulmarra Tropical Ice At Winton VW



Utility Group

Soptspot La De Da A t Belsmard



Utility Puppy Group

Parloueve Back To Black 

(Tibetan Spaniel)


Utility Veteran Group

J'Adoremy Thunder Bolt Zuse ShCm

(Shih Tzu)


Toy Group

Ch Jonevelyn Bowmore Darkest



Toy Puppy Group

Ettology Bounteous Barney

(English Toy Terrier)


Toy Veteran Group

Ch Hamlock The Conspirator At Jonevelyn ShCm



Terrier Group

Ralph Of House Nash ShCEx

(Norfolk Terrier)


Terrier Puppy Group

Moraira Abel

(Cesky Terrier)


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